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File Name: Uplay_r164.dll
Manufacter: Ubisoft

What is a DLL file used for? Why do DLL problems occur?

Dynamic-Link Libraries, or DLLs for short, are typical libraries for Microsoft Windows that were created by the company. It is well recognized that DLL files are equally as significant as EXE files. DLL implementation is impossible without the aid of programs with an.exe extension.

DLL files allow software developers to upgrade software functionality without the need for recompilation by applying standard code with information. Uplay_r164.dll files are discovered to include code and data for many programs. Even if you don't require it, one DLL file was permitted to be utilized by other software. As a result, making duplicates of the same information is unnecessary.

How to resolve the Uplay_r164.dll error?

In order to fix the Uplay_r164.dll error, you must first understand why the Uplay_r164.dll file is missing. Often,.dll file errors prevent the software from working.

When should we expect to see a missing Uplay_r164.dll error?

There are issues with the missing Uplay_r164.dll file when you see the below message:
- Uplay_r164.dll not found.
- Uplay_r164.dll is missing from PC. Reinstall the program to fix the problem.
- This application cannot be started because Uplay_r164.dll is not found. Reinstall the application to fix the problem.
- The Uplay_r164.dll is missing.
- This application cannot be started because Uplay_r164.dll is not found. Reinstall the application to fix the problem.

Solution: Manually download and install the Uplay_r164.dll dll file

Download the latest version of the Uplay_r164.dll, you can find it in the section below.
Follow the steps below:
1. Copy the file you have downloaded to the installation directory of the program that misses the Uplay_r164.dll dll file.
2. The DLL file can alternatively be moved to the PC's system directory (for 32-bit system - C:\Windows\System32, for 64-bit system - C:\Windows\SysWOW64\).
3. Reboot your computer.

Version OS Language Size MD5 / SHA-1 64bit U.S. English 3.05 MB MD5 | SHA-1 Download 64bit U.S. English 3.05 MB MD5 | SHA-1 Download
112.3.9017.0 64bit U.S. English 4.99 MB MD5 | SHA-1 Download

Still not working? Install/reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package

When Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package is not operating properly, the Uplay_r164.dll issue is frequently seen. You should either reinstall the software or look for updates. To update or remove the older version and install the newest one, first search for Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package under Windows Updates.

  • To access the Control Panel, use the Windows logo key. Look through the categories here, then click Uninstall.
  • Verify the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable version and remove the earliest one.
  • Repeat the removal process for the remaining components of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.
  • By using the download link on the official Microsoft website, you can also set up version 3 of the 2015 Visual C++ Redistributable.
  • Run and install the installation file on the PC as soon as it has finished downloading.
  • Reboot your system.

Still nothing? Reinstall the program

Is the absence of a.DLL file the cause of your program crashing? To securely solve the issue, reinstall the software.

Are you still getting the error even you have reinstalled the program? Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaner is regarded as a potent tool for clearing junk files, repairing registry issues, identifying the root reasons of sluggish PC performance, and diagnosing difficulties. The program works well on all PCs.
A user with administrator rights will have a faster time scanning and cleaning the registry.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the latest version of the Uplay_r164.dll file?

  • is the latest version of Uplay_r164.dllavailable for download